Video outlet "journalist" does not bring video camera

Colin Coward reports:

This morning, thanks to my Facebook membership of the Anglican TV group, I learnt that Kevin Kallesen is trying to raise money to fly here urgently because the Lambeth press office had refused to accredit his nominated volunteer because of ‘political turmoil’. The person in question is none other than the Revd Canon Julian Dobbs, Canon Missioner of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America who was in discrete attendance at the Primates meeting in Alexandria.

Canon Dobbs was declined accreditation because Anglican TV is a video outlet and he doesn’t have a video camera. Canon Dobbs is nevertheless here in Kingston, even more discretely than he was in Alexandria, resourcing the Ugandan representatives.

Is this the Communion Office showing some backbone?

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Answer my own rhetorical question: The office may be showing backbone as part of a balancing act surrounding the questions of centralization.

"... resourcing the Ugandan representatives." Are accredited Ugandan representatives present? Of what might "resourcing" consist, beyond the familiar Henry Orombi "So Much Money" litany?

Roger Mortimer

Canon Dobbs was with--perhaps still is with--the Barnabas Fund or Group or something. Google them up and have a look at their views on Islam when you have a chance.

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