Despite TEC setback, controversial Section 4 is still in play

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Does anybody else ever wonder what on earth all this has to do with the hope of a baby in a manger and the promise of the empty tomb?

Susan Russell

I'm grateful for the efforts of Ian Douglas, which might enable the Communion to refocus on such important things as you name. I fear that with the present leadership of the Communion sensible proposals like this won't be heeded.

But that fear is not ultimate, precisely because of the baby in the manger and the empty tomb. God will keep on doing God's thing, even if we are behaving badly.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has manipulated this loaded ¨Covenant Design¨ and ¨Windsor Continuation¨ process from the start (obviously and spitefully in my opinion), he sees he must take charge outwardly and speak against ANY changes (some have the nerve to question/change/amend his plans, plottings).

He may get the Covenant approved after lunch and it may be sent out ¨as directed¨...but, we all just got another CLEAR VIEW of the level of his insistance, arrogance, covert conniving and desperation.

It IS about ¨appearances¨ and HIM...silly me.

If they pass section 4 as currently written with the back door for other churches and the cherry picking of Instruments for membership and "discipline" we should refuse to adopt it.

Those are reasons enough.

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