ACC: Two state solution for Israel-Palestine

The Anglican Consultative Council has approved a resolution for a two state solution in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

The Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) on May 9 unanimously re-affirmed its desire for a "robust peace process" in the Israel-Palestine conflict and a two-state solution. The members passed a resolution that calls Israel's West Bank policies "a physical form of apartheid."

Anglican Church of Southern Africa Archbishop Thabo Makogba told the council that he supported the resolution "having lived under apartheid and knowing the pain of apartheid."

Read it all here.

The Anglican Journal has filed a report as well.

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A two-state solution would work nicely for the Anglican Communion, too, as long as they're going down this road....

A two-state approach could easily lead to more violence. The two-state solution called Pakistan/India killed many when it was imposed and remains a political volcano today.

Hannah Arendt thought the only real solution is for a republic where all citizens are equal no matter what their ethnic or religious backgrounds.

The two-state approach will not help Palestinian Christians much if Muslims get to make all the laws. And it won't help gay Palestinians, who would have more rights under Israeli law than they would under a Muslim majority.

Gary Paul Gilbert

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