ACC seeks seat at Primates' Meetings

UPDATED: Home of new chair of ACC robbed.

The Anglican Journal, Canada, reports that the Anglican Consultative Council is seeking seat and voice for priests and laity at the Primates' meetings.

The Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) on May 12 approved a resolution asking the primates of the Anglican Communion to include “an equal number” of non-primatial members of the joint standing committee as non-voting participants in the primates’ meeting.

The primates’ meeting is represented by four primatial members of the standing committee as full members of the ACC.

Archbishop Barry Morgan, primate of the Church in Wales, who is a primatial delegate to the ACC, said that while he is not sure how the primates will receive the request, it should only be seen as a way “to create greater understanding” between the two bodies, which are part of the so-called four instruments of communion.

Marites Sison, of The Anglican Journal, writes from the last day of the ACC meeting are here.

More coverage of the closing day at The Lead here.

UPDATE: Breaking news that the home of the newly elected ACC Chairman was robbed while he was away at the meeting.
Nyasa Times reports:

A source at the Anglican secretariat told Nyasa Times, the robbers raided the residence on Wednesday night and took away two laptops and three desktop computers, hard cash and some foreign currencies particularly the Sterling Pound and American Dollars.

“Everything was valued at K1.6 million,” said the source.

He said at the time of the incident the Bishop was outside the country and it happened two days before Bishop Tengatenga was elected the new Chairperson of the Anglican Consultative Council beating four candidates who had been nominated.

“There are three guards at his residence and the surprising issue is that the robbers entered the house using the door and went straight to knock at the Bishop’s bedroom where the wife was sleeping with her child,” explained the source

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The cash stolen from bishop Tengatenga's house (given in Kwacha) is about $9000 u.s.

second read of this - it's total value of lost computers and cash is about $10,000. I was concerned that the 1.6 million looked like a very big number and converting the kwacha to dollars puts the number to scale as a serious domestic scaled loss.

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