Twenty years later, an archbishop and gay priest reconcile

Twenty years ago, Archbishop Terence Finlay, then Archbishop of Toronto revoked the license of the Rev. James Ferry because Ferry had fallen in love with the man who would become his lifelong partner. Next Sunday, they will participate in a rare service of reconciliation. Love changes lives, and changes minds.

The Toronto Star as the story:

For both Finlay and Ferry, the pat two decades have brought pain, anguish and humiliation. Ferry paid immediately and publicly. For 20 years, he felt cast out for the crime of “loving another human being deeply and intimately.”

He had to find another way to make a living, and now works as a rights adviser to psychiatric patients at area hospitals.

He had to learn to let go of roiling emotions. “One of the things that one has to do is to learn how to let go of pain,” he says. “Not to fixate on events of the past and let them take over your life.”

Terence Finlay apparently paid in the more private coin of a tormented soul.

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Beautiful story. May God continue to bless the bishop and the priest. Blessed be reconciliation! [And may Fr Ferry's partner Ahmad RIP]

JC Fisher

I have been blessed to know Terry Finlay and this witness of courage and grace is yet one more example of why I admire him so much. Thank you for sharing this story. Rick Lord+

I am impressed, both by Ferry and Finley's willingness to tackle this issue head-on, and by Ferry's continued devotion to the church. Too often, lesser situations than this are handled by one side or another leaving the church, and then all involved carrying a lifetime of anger and regret.

Here's to healthy responses in times of trouble.

Eric Bonetti

Oh my heart is so sad hearing this story. How many men and women have felt rejected by our church over time. I'm grateful that there is a hope at reconciliation. Please forgive us Fr.Ferry for taking so long to understand God's call to social justice.

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