More on ACNA school's rejection of lesbians' daughter

This from the Dallas Voice:

Four-year-old Olivia Harrison was disappointed to learn she won’t be attending St. Vincent’s Cathedral School this year.

“We said, ‘You realize that you’re not going to go to the same school,’” said Olivia’s biological mother, Jill Harrison. “She said, ‘Yes I am, I want to go to that school, I want to play there.’
“They don’t like that I have two mommies,” Olivia says.
Jill and Tracy Harrison said despite the initial shock and devastation of the school’s denial, they’re glad they’ve able to get the word out that anti-gay discrimination is alive and well.
After touring the school in June — and thoroughly researching it online — the Harrisons settled on St. Vincent’s because of its solid academic reputation and its small class sizes, as well as the fact that it’s so close to their home. They also said they wanted Olivia to learn the basic tenets of Christianity, such as the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments.

However, they were clueless about the school’s history and its split from the Episcopal Church.
[Ryan Reed, dean of St. Vincent's] Reed also said the school would have accepted Olivia if Jill Harrison were single and a lesbian but agreed to remain abstinent. The decision was pursuant to a strict school policy that was also used to deny admission to a gay couple’s daughter two years ago, to terminate an unmarried teacher who became pregnant, and to ban a parent — a husband who left his wife for another woman, Reed said.

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St. Vincent's is punishing children for their parents' behavior. This is so unkind to the kids, and so unfair.

Things being what they are at Saint Vincent's School, the real question is now whether the rest of the parents will want to send their kids to that sort of place. I wouldn't. That would be a worthy campaign to launch.

I'm assuming that St Vincent's School would take exactly the same attitude to a child whose parent is known to be involved in lending money with interest, which is another action condemned in a few passages of scripture...

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