Another Nigerian bishop who is very fond of himself

Nigerian and Ugandan bishops are making a habit of extolling their moral superiority over that of the decadent West. What they mean, in most instances, is that whatever other shortcoming their church and society might have, they are stridently opposed to recognizing the legitimacy of same-sex relationships. The latest cleric convinced of his own righteousness is the Rt. Rev. Dapo Asaju. Here is a little of what he had to say in a recent interview:

I have always been a conservative theologian all my life. I am against tampering with the Bible, I am against inhumanity and evil and condoning of Satanism in the church. You can imagine a church bishop been a homosexual in the church.

So, the devil has come to take over the church and I am part of the soldiers that will fight against him. Christianity has collapsed in the West and it is our intention to carry out a reverse mission to go and reclaim the west for Christ and God will use us and I think, I am actually theologically prepared, theologically equipped and spiritually empowered to carry out this assigned. I will work with the College of Bishops under the new primate to really achieve this. Of course, I think, I will be giving directions on theological matters to the Church of Nigeria. It is a big assignment, which is beyond just an archdiocese to control. It is an experiment and I believe God will continue to help me to achieve this....

[Homosexuality] is a worldwide phenomenon and it is there in every church. But others are covering theirs and Anglican Church is speaking out because we have the responsibility for the truth. Others are compromising on their theologies. Theology as good as it is, has damaged a lot of things about Christianity today. People no longer live for Christ; People do not have convictions, people compromise. You have people who call themselves pastors, they do terrible satanic things and they go ahead exploiting people.

So, these are things that Anglican Church is fighting. We know our roll in Christianity and we know our responsibility towards the society, globally, locally and nationally. That is the reason why we are very lucky to have Baba Akinola as our primate. He is a very courageous man. He has been able to challenge the West against this evil. So, this problem is in other churches. It is there in the Baptist Church, it is more in the Catholic Church. They have problem in Catholic Church too. They are covering them, settling people with money just to keep them quite.

The problem is everywhere. And we would have loved it so much if other Churches had risen up with Anglican Church to fight this evil. But they have been compromising and keeping quite.

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The Rt. Rev. Dapo Asaju actually speaks as if he KNOWS something about Homosexuality and is ¨theologically prepared¨ to smite Gays at all levels of Anglican Life. Rt. Rev. Dapo is glad that Baba Akinola (I hope never to forget the ¨Baba¨ part) has been present all these Anglican Communion destroying years to face the feardriven challenges like honorable homophobes. Even thieving against the ¨evil¨of the Homosexuality plague in Virginia and at Grace and St. Stephens/Colorado (oh, I guess ¨Baba¨ didn´t quite slay the old lisping dragons there now, did he? Satin apparently is defeating good old, God preening ¨Baba¨ at Court too...more later on that score) know, it´s as if Rt. Rev Dapo and ¨++Baba actually have listened to Homosexuals, or at least read a Psychiatric study or had a relative or suicidal Gay know, trapped as they are in the Homosexual Worldwide Phenomenon there must be many Homosexuals rushing about (other than only during full moon) to get to REALLY know and minister too. NOT AT THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF NIGERIA!

Thank God the Gaybusters are on duty! I can´t tell you how relieved I am to know that they are leading the charge.

Forgive me because I know it's not very Anglican to say it but this gentleman sounds to me like he's just full of it. How can you engage such baloney in a real conversation?

We know our roll in Christianity

God bless and roll Bishop Asaju far away from us!

JC Fisher

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