Covenant adoption process still evolving

The confusion of the last couple of days of how the proposed Anglican Covenant might be adopted is a direct consequence of the evolving situation in the ACC and the shared understanding of the Covenant in Jamaica right now.

According to the Episcopal News Service, reporting on a press conference given by Archbishop Drexel Gomez and Bishop Gregory Cameron the process being used is still changing. And that state of change is what is giving rise the contradictory statements that have been made about the process and the implications over the past week.

"Anglican Communion Deputy Secretary General Gregory Cameron told reporters 'we're feeling our way' in terms of the implications for those provinces that decide not to sign onto the covenant, whether entities other than the provinces which are now members of the Anglican Consultative Council (as listed in the council's constitution) would be allowed to adopt the covenant and whether there would be a time limit for provinces to decide."

Further down the article reports:

Cameron said it would be up to a province to decide if its dioceses could adopt the covenant. A group of active and retired Episcopal Church bishops recently challenged the polity of the U.S.-based province by saying that they believed that its dioceses could take that action. There has been no official response to that claim.

The JSC draft resolution, which Cameron said was meant for purposes of discussion only and would no doubt change before the ACC voted, called for provinces to act by December 2014. Cameron said that some participants have said "they would like to see a tighter timeframe for the reception of the covenant."

"Obviously, it's too early to say where the mind of the council will settle," he said. "I don't hear any voices saying they'd like it to be longer."

Provinces allowing dioceses to sign on their own behalf even if the Province demurred is yet another new idea that has surfaced today. That's not something that has been explicitly stated before.

Read the full article here.

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Well, thanks to the Jefferson Airplane we have this:

"When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said;

The confusion is endemic to both the flaws in the document and the flaws in this process. No matter what they do it will be "played" as it pleases the parties. It adds just another scab for people to pick at incessantly.

The smartest course is to send it along for review and comment and then have a committee of the ACC redraft it. That removes the partisan Gomez and ACI and leaves it in the hands of a group with an actual interest in some balanced document for approval.

All they will get from this sow's ear of a document is another sow's ear. Unless its a boor's ear!

"A group of active and retired Episcopal Church bishops recently challenged the polity of the U.S.-based province". It would have been more accurate to say the group is quite small and quite conservative.

Richard Warren

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