Covenant adoption limited to only ACC members?

Suzanne Lawson, a lay member of the Anglican Church of Canada delegation to the ACC meeting in Jamaica writes today that the ACC is beginning work on a resolution that slightly tweaks the proposed Anglican Covenant.

She writes on her blog "Caribbean Considerations":

"The resolution we’ve been asked to consider, prepared by the Joint Standing Committee, addresses my major concern with the draft Covenant, and that is that there is the provision that other ‘churches’ (read, potentially, the break-away splinter group in Canada, or individual dioceses or parishes) can adopt the Covenant. The resolution asks that only the current member churches of the ACC be asked to consider and adopt the Covenant at this time. A wise insertion in the draft resolution…I hope it remains there to keep us together and not encouraging further splintering. "

Read the full article here.

She goes on to describe the good work being done around the Communion by the various networks of the Communion and the stances that they have taken over the years.

We haven't seen the text of the resolution and haven't seen this reported elsewhere yet, but it is a significant development if it has, in fact, occurred.

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I hope we can see the text of the resolution soon. As we have learned from experience, the meaning of Anglican documents is often worked out after the fact. That said, if the ACC closed the ACNA loophole and the diocesan loophole, it would probably improve the chances of the Episcopal and Canadian churches adopting the covenant.

It's clear for this post and the quote, but just let me put a finer point on it. There's a difference between the resolution and the covenant. I would concede that the covenant could be clarified by resolution before voting on it (say by defining what a church is in a resolution -- e.g. does Church only mean province?). But without having read this resolution I wonder if all that's being said is what others have reported: that the JSC is recommending the provinces consider by some date. No other news source I've seen says "only provinces" in sense of saying other groups can't in some official way sign it.

I'm very glad members like of the ACC are alert to this question and sharing what they know. Suzanne Lawson, I thank you.

The more serious issue remains the bait and switch posted on earlier today in The Lead. Besides the ENS highlighting the question, the AJ has also: Another ACC delegate asked what would happen to member churches who choose not to sign on to the covenant. Bishop Gregory Cameron, deputy secretary general of the Anglican Communion, said the Covenant Design Group had “wrestled hard” on this matter but felt that “we’re still entering a period of transition.” He said that it remained to be seen how many would adopt it. He said “at the moment, there is no linkage” between adoption of the covenant and participating in the life and activities of the communion. He said that if 15 or 20 member churches approve the covenant “it might move quite quickly and give it more gravity…”

It's the camel's nose under the tent, folks.

"..... only the current member churches of the ACC be asked to consider and adopt the Covenant AT THIS TIME."

--Roger Mortimer

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