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The Anglican Communion Office website has been very slow to update their directories of diocese to reflect actual leadership of the actual dioceses of Pittsburgh, Fort Worth and Quincy.

Lionel Deimel wants the ACO to change that now.

I was distressed that, even after Bishop Duncan was deposed, the convention of the Diocese of Pittsburgh voted to “realign,” and Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori acknowledged new leadership in the continuing diocese of The Episcopal Church, the official Anglican Communion Web site’s page about the Diocese of Pittsburgh did not change. I wrote to the Anglican Communion Office about the page, and I was reassured that The Episcopal Church had requested changes as well. When I checked today, however, more than three months after Bob Duncan was deposed and two-and-a-half months after Duncan’s supporters voted to leave The Episcopal Church, the Anglican Communion page on the Diocese of Pittsburgh is unchanged.


Mark Harris writes:

Lionel Deimel has taken up the question I have raised on several occasions, namely the fact that the Anglican Communion website has not updated the listings for Pittsburgh, Quincy and Fort Worth to indicate that in each case the bishop has left. In the case of Pittsburgh by deposition, in Quincy by retirement and in Fort Worth by declaration of renunciation.

But most particularly in the case of Pittsburgh it is outrageous that the Anglican Communion website has not changed to reflect the fact that Robert Duncan is no longer bishop. That, tied with the fact of his being received by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth following deposition and without any comment from the ABC's office as to the nature of the visit or the ABC's acknowledgment of the fact of his deposition, and the continued inability of the British religious press to state that Moderator Duncan, whatever other titles he may carry is as well a deposed bishop.

Here is the letter that Lionel wrote:

I find it distressing that your page about the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh still lists Robert Duncan as bishop and Henry Scriven as assistant bishop. It also lists the wrong address, the wrong telephone numbers, and the wrong URL for the Web site (which, as it turns out, is redirected to the proper site). Bishop Duncan was deposed by The Episcopal Church in September, and his followers voted to “join” the Southern Cone in October. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, a few days later, recognized a diocese quite distinct from the “diocese” you list on the official Anglican Communion Web site. The Anglican Communion Office has had ample time to correct this page.

I and others have tried to get the page changed to no avail. More than two months after Bob Duncan led members of the diocese out of The Episcopal Church, the Anglican Communion Web site still does not recognize the real Diocese of Pittsburgh. After this much time, one begins to wonder if the failure to update the page is deliberate. Surely, this failure is yet another indignity visited upon The Episcopal Church by an Anglican Communion obsessed with appeasing whoever whines the loudest. Your “Diocese of Pittsburgh” page can only encourage Bob Duncan and his schismatic followers. The Communion will not be better for it.

Your unacknowledged brother in Christ,
Lionel Deimel
St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon
Diocese of Pittsburgh (in The Episcopal Church

Here is the link to the Comments page of the ACO website.

Here is the contacts page including the following:

Anglican Communion Office ,
St Andrew's House,
16 Tavistock Crescent,
W11 1AP

Telephone Numbers:
Telephone: + 44 (0) 20 7313 3900

Fax: +44 (0) 20 7313 3999

Email: aco@anglicancommunion.org

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I encourage others to go to the Communion Website and express frustration with this and desire to see it changed immediately.

A quick look there did reveal that the site has changed San Joaquin to list Jerry Lamb as bishop. I don't know if there's some political distinction between San Joaquin and the other three schismatic bishops and dioceses in the eyes of the Communion or whoever in that office maintains the website. Also don't know how recently that change was made. No response to schism makes more sense than 25% acknowledgment of it (one diocese in four). In my note I thanked them for making that one appropriate change (San Joaquin).

Perhaps there are other things to do these cold winter days than pick on a website who's webmaster was sacked for some reason.

And remember, Rowan Williams and his wife welcomed Bob Duncan and his wife to his home. We have the Primates Meeting coming up, as well. Interesting times.

And last time I checked, Bob Duncan was reinstalled as the Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh. Unless, course, voting no longer matters - and the laity have lost their voice.

-Mary Ailes

The Anglican Communion office might well be waiting a bit before making any change. The question of which is the 'real' diocese might not be decided anytime soon.

Dennis Bosley

Maybe the office is waiting for General Convention or maybe the Primates' meeting for guidance. I wonder what the web site has for Central Africa where as I read the blogs there are similar concerns about the authority of the province and individual bishops. The "depositions" of sitting bishops and other clergy who have rejected the authority of General Convention and transferred to other Anglican provinces under the canon first adopted in the mid-19th-century after Bishop Ives of North Carolina went physically and ecclesiastically to Rome is most peculiar and open to question by other provinces of the Anglican Communion.

I first navigated to the page listing Duncan by clicking on the Pittsburgh link on the page listing dioceses of The Episcopal Church. Whatever Duncan is, he is not the bishop of that diocese.The constitution and canons of the diocese and Episcopal Church make it clear that the Presiding Bishop was correct in acknowledging the diocese whose standing committee is chaired by the Rev. Jim Simons as the legitimate Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh of The Episcopal Church. The Anglican Communion Office (and the Archbishop of Canterbury) should follow the lead of the PB.

Lionel Deimel

And last time I checked, Bob Duncan was reinstalled as the Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh. Unless, course, voting no longer matters - and the laity have lost their voice.

The key word above is "Episcopal", Mary: pointing out the FALSEHOOD of the above claim.

JC Fisher

I certainly won't act as if this is some great point for realignment victory (it's a website), but I marvel at the anger with which this demand is made of the ACO. Really, should anybody be surprised? TEC and its Presiding Bishop have distorted the canons to such an extent that it is very difficult for an outsider to understand what is what. If TEC really wishes the Communion office to respect its decisions, it should make its decisions in a way that is transparent and clear to all, not one that relies on "the canons mean what I say they mean." Archbishop Rowan believes that these bishops are still Anglican bishops, and this website controversy, small as it may be, is only one symptom of the greater confusion as to how anyone can make sense of all this.

I think Mary Ailes has it right in her first paragraph. We shouldn't read too much into what is likely a combination of understaffing and inertia.

TEC and its Presiding Bishop have distorted the canons to such an extent that it is very difficult for an outsider to understand what is what.
- Samuel Keyes

This is dishonest spin on its face. Samuel, as an outsider, please show me one instance where the Presiding Bishop, the House of Bishops or the Title IV Review Committee has revised or reinterpreted the TEC Canons. The actions against Schofield, Duncan and Iker have been consistent with the way these canons have been interpreted in recent history, in any and all inhibitions and dispositions which have preceded the term of the present Presiding Bishop. It is in fact the Orthodites who are now forwarding radical reinterpretation and application of the canons.

Also, you lot need to get over this schizophrenia that you have with the Archbishop of Canterbury. When he ignores your spin on the issues you cast him to the side as irrelevant, and when you can spin his words or deeds to you liking, he is the man!

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