CAPA chair: Offer HIV/AIDS leadership based on reality, not judgmentalism

The Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa is conducting an HIV/AIDS consultation in Nairobi, Kenya:

Archbishop Ian Ernest of the Anglican Province of the Indian Ocean and CAPA chairperson said that since the church is influential in Africa, it is crucial for its leaders to offer informed leadership based on reality, and not on moral judgment.

"We are aware pastoral care is being offered, but it is also important to offer any help that would prevent the spread of AIDS," said Ernest. "For example, the use of condoms can help to check the spread of AIDS. So preventive measures have to be courageously presented, and this should be accompanied by appropriate teaching on human sexuality and reproductive health."

Ernest urged Anglican leaders to challenge false ideas about HIV, such as AIDS not being caused by HIV, or the idea that the disease can be cured by traditional healers.

The full article is by Fredrick Nzwili of Ecumenical News International and is available from Episcopal News Service.

The Daily Nation reports,

Anglican bishops drawn across Africa met in Nairobi this week to discuss the role of leadership in HIV and Aids campaign.

The three-day conference was organised by the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa as part of the churches efforts to openly discuss issues related to the disease in the society.
The Anglican Church called for a unified approach in advocacy to eliminate stigma and discrimination in the wider society [and] urged politicians to participate in implementing policies that made health services accessible to persons living with the scourge.

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JB--thanks so much for this information. And thanks be to God that the Church is finally turning its attention to the biggest challenge we face in stopping the spread of HIV!

Paige Baker

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