A moratorium to call our own?

Lionel Deimel suggests The Episcopal Church enact a moratorium of its own:

For years, The Episcopal Church has been the major underwriter of the bureaucracy that is the Anglican Communion, a bureaucracy that, increasingly, has arrogated authority and grown increasingly hostile to The Episcopal Church. It is not an exaggeration to say that The Episcopal Church is financing an institution that is seriously considering gaining effective control over it or removing it from that institution entirely. Surely, we have been underwriting the undermining of The Episcopal Church.

Given our current relation to the Anglican Communion, a proper application of PAP would require that The Episcopal Church declare a moratorium on funding the Anglican Communion until such time as the mind of the Communion is settled on how it is going to treat The Episcopal Church and the “innovations” it sees our church as having instituted.

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Here, here.

Recall the words of then Canon Gregory Cameron, "many American church leaders do not even seem to notice, even while they often unconsciously rely upon, the implicit obligations which they place on the recipients of their largesse."


Largesse by its very being evidently creates obligations and resentments. The loving thing to do is to end it.

But see also the appeal yesterday at the ACC: http://www.anglicanjournal.com/world/anglican-communion/017/article/anglican-provinces-may-be-asked-to-increase-contributions/?cHash=f57771dd4c

"The 14th Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) will consider requesting member provinces to increase their financial contributions to the Anglican Communion by 10 per cent over a three-year period to cover the cost of inflation."

Oh, only 10%?

I don´t think the way things are going, 10% will cover the shrinkage in the ACC income over the next few years...of course, to a retail mind, ¨shrinkage¨ means theft or plain sloppy management loss of revenue.

However, at TEC Province of The Anglican Communion, the California Supreme Court ruled in a case regarding the Diocese of Los Angeles vs. St. James/Newport Beach and the decision makes it clear there will be no ¨shrinkage¨ at all (even the legal expenses will be amortized shortly)...the same will hold true for San Joaquin and beyond in California (including Northern California).

The ACC ¨budget planners¨ might consider a plan ¨B¨ for extra resources needs...following the money, as Jim Naughton sometimes suggests, won´t lead them to the TEC Province, but maybe, and once again back to the moneymen funding The American Anglican Council and/or the IRD.

Plenty of resources where there is a REAL need...Bankers are so clever (I wonder if any of them are being made more ¨liquid¨ with U.S. taxpayer bailout funds?).

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