'Nightline' and 'World News Tonight' to examine Ugandan bill

TV Tip: Tune in tonight (or at least set your DVR) for ABC's "Nightline" (11:35 EST) and "World News Tonight," (6:30 EST), Box Turtle Bulletin reports.

It looks like it will be well worth watching (or recording, if you can’t stay up for it). Martin Ssempa is already upset that the Nightline crew didn’t fall for his easily-disproven lies.

Journalists see a lot of crazy and corrupt megalomaniacs in their line of work, and madmen like Ssempa can be spotted from miles away.

Over on his blog, Ssempa hopes the coverage will prove to be an encapsulation of

... [t]he struggle against the colonial imposition of sodomy of in Africa by western powers

We'll see.

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I do not often find something new--I found your post inspiring as it is inspiring me to look at this season (Lent) differently. I tend to think of this time of year as a time to work (didn't give that much thought before--but it is a more quiet,austere, and calm time for me) or go on a vacation to somewhere warmer in order to get to Summer more quickly. This early Spring season has its own charm to be inspiring.Thanks for the reflection.

The pieces were frightening (but I also strangely had the feeling that all the Ugandans screaming in the street, and waving signs, were doing so for the American cameras. OCICBW.)

I wish the reporter had PRESSED Ssempa further about the "He Who IS Secretly Gay, Hates It The Most" Angle. To have an obsession is to, well, be obsessed.

Re the comparison (Ssempa's) to terrorism. If someone DID watch the Twin Towers crumbling over and over and over, I would say that this person had a PROBLEM. To watch (EXTREME) gay male porn over and over and over? And play it for others (over and over and over), watching people's reactions? Deeply disturbed (and disturbing!) [And 9-11 was sui generis, unlike, y'know, human males in various states of arousal :-X.]

I waited for the presenter, Martin Bashir (isn't he the guy who became famous for interviewing Princess Diana, as her marriage collapsed?) to editorialize, but he didn't. What does it take---how MUCH inhumanity must be shown to other human beings---before a TV host becomes, well, humane?

JC Fisher

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