Resolutions, anyone?

Step right up and make your New Year's resolutions public on this open thread.

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I resolve to run at least one half marathon this year.

I resolve to bite my tongue more frequently.

I resolve to be less immediately available.

I resolve not to read my morning email before eating breakfast.

I resolve to get my essays in on time!
I resolve to have fun walking on the beach.
I resolve to see the g-kids more frequently.
I resolve to do more skiing.

I keep my resolution right at 1680x1050, but if my eyes get any worse I may change it.

I resolve to tend my prayer life with more attention.

I resolve to drink more water each day.

I resolve to sleep more.

I resolve to eat breakfast each day.

I resolve to read books (!) for more time than I surf the Internet.

I resolve to tend my prayer life with more attention.

(I also have a series of personal and professional goals, but these are my resolutions - hopefully do-able!)


I resolve to actually call that spiritual director I've been meaning to talk to for several months now.

1.) Read more, talk less.

and hopefully not contradictory:

2.) Finish the book project I've been working on.

1. make and use paper files (and clean off my desktop in the process)

2. begin and keep a 'have read' list with a paragraph on each book as I finish it.

3. lose 25 pounds by December 31, 2009.

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