Cafe newsblogger makes good!

Scott Gunn is reporting on twitter that the Very Rev. Nick Knisely has been elected Bishop of Rhode Island on the first ballot.

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Thanks be to God!

BTW, are most bishops elected on the first ballot, or does it usually drag on longer?

Congrats to Nick!

This is WONDERFUL news. A gift to Rhode Island. Yes - thanks be to God!

Congrats to Nick! Last week he was at the Phoenix Comic-con, this week he is elected Bishop. Talk about an emergent Bishop.

Vivat Pastor Bonus!

Wonderful news!

Wonderful news!

Congrats to the bishop-elect.

That is the second first ballot election in the past few weeks.

Bro David

Congratulations, Dean! Arizona will miss you, but Rhode Island is definitely the winner.

Linda Ryan

Woo hoo! Congrats and God bless!

JC Fisher

Congrats Nick!

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