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Hi folks, it seems that our server migration issues are in hand. Nice to see you all again.

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Hooray - we're back!

The fact that "When does a person die?" was your last live posting was a little surreal and ironic... Good to have you back!

Welcome back! We missed you. Having lived through a few work-related server migrations myself, I know what nail-biters they can be... Glad all's well and you're back online.

Finally decided that you were just on Spring Break. Maybe in Florida? Soaking up the sun and enjoying the aquamarine waters, sandy beaches and sipping gin and tonics without us.

Very nice to have you back.

Agree with Jim--next time we migrate servers, let's go for a discussion on the resurrection! ;-)

Eric Bonetti

PS Apropos gin and tonics, I continue to propose a Cafe reception, perhaps at the next convention. Likely quite the good time.

- EB

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