Episcopal Church formally asserts its support of pipeline protestors

At its most recent meeting last week, the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church adopted a resolution calling on government leaders at the national, state and local levels to “de-escalate military and police provocation” at the site of the protests, staged by groups naming themselves Water Protectors, against the Dakota Access Pipeline the territory of the Standing Rock Sioux nation.

From the ENS report:

“Council’s resolution on the Dakota pipeline protest follows support by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry both in words and his presence with the protestors.

The Rev. John Floberg, council member and supervising priest of the Episcopal churches on the North Dakota side of Standing Rock, told the council’s Joint Standing Committee on Advocacy and Networking for Mission Oct. 21 that the way the protest has been conducted has been “the most powerful experience I have had in my 25 years on Standing Rock.” And, yet, he said, he has been shaken by the racist responses that the protest has generated elsewhere in the state.

In addition, the resolution praised the efforts of native nations leaders of the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribes to promote a “prayerful and nonviolent presence.””




To understand this situation better, we recommend checking out this issue of This Week From Indian Country (pdf download).  It offers a timeline of the protests so far, first person accounts, as well as analysis and commentary.

From the Publisher’s letter that opens the magazine:

“What we know today can help us prepare for the future.  The eventual outcomes of the monumental struggle over the construction of the pipeline cannot be predicted.  Yet we know what issues are at stake; we can identify correlations between human rights and U.S. law, sovereignty and dispossession, politics and power, dehumanization and domination.  Much hangs in the balance for the First Peoples of this continent. A strong case could be made that as we go, the world goes. Respect for our free and independent existence on so many fronts depends on the freedom and independence of our neighbors.

Indian Country Today Media Network has followed the story of Dakota Access closely ever since the Standing Rock Sioux raised objections to it. This magazine, a special issue devoted to the DAPL movement, is the first single-subject, event-driven edition in our history. It represents only a portion of the hundreds of hours of reporting, writing and editing that the editorial team has devoted to informing our audience of millions about actions on the scene, legal battles, and breaking decisions. Our goal with this publication was to capture the arc and breadth of a story that is still unfolding, and to memorialize the astonishing efforts of today’s Native warriors.”



image from “This Week from Indian Country”



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  1. Carolyn Smith

    I wish my fellow Episcopalians would show up by the thousands at Standing Rock to join in prayerful support. It will change your life.

    • Elizabeth Walker

      I want so much to come (from New York.) Are you there? How can I get information – where to go, what to bring, etc? Thanks for anything anyone can tell me – I will be asking wherever I can.

    • Nancy Huisinga

      Proud of you! Thank you for taking a stand for Standing Rock!

  2. Joann Ward

    Winter is coming. No, this is not GOTs. Winter really is coming. One strategy will be to wait out the supporters of Standing Rock. When it is muddy and miserable cold, many who are sick, infirm, or just not as dedicated will gradually go home. The dozers just have to wait. Send gift cards from REI, Cabelas, Walmart! So folks can get ready for Winter. January a new President is likely to have different perspectives, different ideas. If you can’t go to Standing Rock find a reputable organization and support those already there.

  3. Sylvia Walker

    I am so heartened by the Episcopal Church taking this stand.

  4. Thank you for supporting STANDING ROCK…the blessings you have given them means a lot..but those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31..staying strong in PRAYER for all the brothers & sisters..PRAYING for all those who have the power to change this that they too see the devastating effects of this pipeline..Thank you..

  5. Mary Massie

    Thank you for taking a stand!

  6. Joeday

    My grandfather is jerome howard sr , episcopal lay reader. Also the grandson of chief gall , as his grandson and also a Lakota from Wakpala,SD. I THANK YOU . I also think my grandfather (lala) wpuld be proud of the church.

  7. Elizabeth Walker

    Would love to come. Need info and advice about practicalities. Any such info and arvice gratefully received.

  8. Wendell Folks

    Makes me feel good that my denomination, the Episcopal Church, is supporting our native Americans.

  9. David C. Maes

    To the Episcopal church: I read about your statement on Facebook. Thank you for standing with Standing Rock!

  10. John Floberg

    My name is John Floberg, priest on Standing Rock. You may contact me directly at jffloberg@gmail.com. Thank you for your prayers and for your support. We are Standing with Standing Rock and its people since 1890 when our church was invited to come and be the Tipi Wakan (God’s House) among them.

  11. Betsy Cunningham

    Thank you to the Episcopal church for your support of Standing Rock.

  12. Laura Reilly

    I am unable to come to Standing Rock, but I support the first people of America in their right to keep this pipeline off the reservation and out of their sacred lands. We would not go into Canada or Mexico without their approval – and the first people, the Native Americans, have land that was deeded to them by our government, and must not be used without their approval.


    This is great news – Thank you thank you thank you! Episcopalians Rock – Standing Rock!

  14. Janet Knori

    Though sometimes I get disgusted with the Episcopal (my) church, this is one of the times I am very happy and proud to be a very longtime member. Thanks to those who have given info about how to contribute!

  15. Vince Willingham

    I may have Found my Churh 🔥🙏
    This needs to go Viral 🔥👊

  16. suzi in st joe, missouri

    To me the river is a living being. It excepts our waste, our boats and even the oil, if and when it spills. It excepts everything. We are not made that way. We have learned not to except the pollution of our Great Missouri River. We cannot drink a gallon of oil today and expect to be alive tomorrow. The river gives everything, too. We must give our everything to keeping the river safe.

    Suzi, thanks for commenting. We ask that all commenters use their first and last names. Thanks!

  17. Maia Maia

    So much want to thank the Episcopal Church for standing up for Standing Rock!!! Water is Life.

  18. Karen Cadotte

    Thank you for your support. We are all related.

  19. The people, on behalf of all Mother Earth, are winning a great victory!

  20. Christina Anderson

    Thank you! I have always admired your church’s stance on many things and this is one I’m proud of you for.

  21. TribalMember

    I personally attend a separate church but still, giving credit where credit is due. I want to say thank you to the Episcopal Church for making a statement which stands with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota to save their water from pollution. To every person reading these words do keep up the prayers for safety of tribes members and supporters at camp during this time.

    [Dear Tribal Member: Please sign your full name as per our guidelines. Thanks for commenting. Editor]

  22. Linda Srb

    Mitakuye oyasin. We are connected. Standing with all of you at Standing Rock, and support the protection of the sacred water and land.

  23. Blaine R. Hammond

    Thank you to all members of my church who are there, and all members of other denominations and faiths as well. And thanks to all who, like me, can’t be there, for your support in words and deeds.

  24. Pastor Jim Shotwell SR

    I am sure the Spirit of Bishop George Harris is with you. “March on O Church Victorious.” – PASTOR JIM SHOTWELL, Waauseon OH

  25. April

    This makes me even prouder to be Episcopalian! Thank you to our leadership.

  26. I’m a very long lapsed Episcopalian and unbeliever, but am happy to see the church do the right thing here.

    Thank you.

  27. Susan Gale Hansen

    The Episcopal Church (at the TOP and in the neighborhood!?!)has brought the power of ‘the church’ to the battleground in Dakota! May all churches around this country bring their choirs and lock arms with the Great Sioux Nation (and all 1st People) in protest of our government’s dangerous ‘business’ of fossil fuel procurement….versus…….life….water…..what next?

  28. JC Fisher

    Wow, seeing that there were 30 comments on this thread, was so afraid that about half were going to be TEC-bashing: “there go those SJW liberals again”. Am so pleased that’s not the case!

    Prayers ascending for this holy resistance. I hope the protestors are supported materially, as well as spiritually. Blessings!

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