Opening Day

Updated: Nats lose 9-2, two starters injured. I think I've come up with this season's marketing campaign: Root for the Nats, because Lent just isn't long enough.

The Nats take on the Marlins this afternoon at RFK Stadium. John Patterson v. Dontrelle Willis. I will be on hand to make sure no spiritually or ecclesiastically significant developments go unnoticed.

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Meanwhile, some of us have been laboring in the fields of the Lord:

I do feel your pain, as the Cubs dropped their opener, with their ace starter having a hard time finding the strike zone. But I rejoice in that, having been a Cubs fan for 45 seasons, I have been well formed in the godly virtues of faith and hope (charity? not so much). Tomorrow's another day.

Stunningly, however, my Royals beat Kurt Schilling and the Red Sox 7-1! Hope springs eternal.

Times were happier in Pittsburgh. The Pirates beat the Astros 4-2 in 10 innings. A good start to the season.

Yes, "time begins on opening day" (the title of a collection of Thomas Boswell columns on baseball--and one of the best discussions of liturgy and liturgical time I've ever read). My sympathies on the Nats' loss. But, it was only opening day and there are 161 games yet to come (plus post-season!).

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