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Update: Turns out the quotation below is from the Rev. Jonathan Jennings, press secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury. It ended up in my e-mailbox courtesy of the folks who monitor the British press at St. Matthew's, Westminster in London. You can find a story about it on the Living Church's Web site.

The quote:

"The Archbishop of Canterbury was not involved in the organisation of the Texas meeting and the Bishops of Durham and Winchester did not attend at his request. Once they had been invited by the organizers they sought his consent to become involved in these discussions. This was discussed in the context of other initiatives and of the statements publicly made by the Archbishops since the General Convention, and consent was given to their participation in their own right in the Texas meeting."

I was glad to see this statement. We have a tendency in this country to treat any Christian with airfare and an English accent as a spokesman for the Archbishop of Canterbury. Particularly when we like what said Christian has to say.

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Please direct us to the source for this quotation. It is important, but I am unable to locate it or successfully search for it on the ACO web site.

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