Asleep at the switch

I missed this development earlier in the week.

Jonathan Petre of the Telegraph reports that "Conservative Anglican leaders are urging the Archbishop of Canterbury to crack down on gay clergy in England or risk a boycott of the 2008 Lambeth Conference."

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In 1978, along with three other woman priests, I watched the Lambeth Conference from the press gallery. The subject of gay clergy was raised and discussed, I think in response to Paul Moore's having ordained Ellen Barrett. I don't remember all the discussion, but I'll never forget Bishop Moore's calm and plain statement of respect and affection for the gay clergy serving in the Diocese of New York. He said he couldn't imagine how the diocese could function without them.

1978!!! almost 30 years ago. There were 400 bishops sitting there, all hearing the discussion, all welcome to participate. The notion that ECUSA has been doing something hidden, hasn't brought it to the attention of the rest of the Communion just won't wash. Windsor is mistaken.

Why have a discussion on gay clergy when your mind is already made up? I had heard that +H. Scriven asst. of Pittsburgh went to an Integrity meeting. I guess he learned all he needed and listened all he thought was adequate to support his already made up mind.
We can talk and have talks but unless you go into the talks with an open mind you're not going to change your opinion.


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