Leaked Grantchester Easter special reveals a surprise guest!

Get ready for a special Easter episode of Grantchester! Featuring the Pope, Peeps®!, and a debate about the future of organ music in worship, this episode seems hand-tailored to appeal to fans of the Episcopal Cafe.
Do you think it’s part of the regular continuity, or a silly one-off?

Facade of Canterbury Cathedral

CoE Study guide to accompany Pastoral Letter to General Election voters

At the beginning of Lent, the Bishops of the Church of England issued a Pastoral Letter to encourage UK voters to engage with the upcoming General Election. The Episcopal Café reported on the letter in February. An online study guide has now been published to assist individuals and study groups in reading and digesting the Bishops’ letter.

st john kids altar

Social fragmentation and inequality: how can the church address both the symptoms and the root cause?

Two recent articles, at NBC news and the Washington Post, inspired by the work of political scientist and author Robert Putnam (best known for his book Bowling Alone) have looked into the idea that declining religious participation is potentially a contributing factor to the rising wealth-gap.