The appointment of the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury was announced at Lambeth Palace of the Right Reverend Justin Welby, today.

Lambeth Palace clarifies status of Bishop Zavala visit to South Carolina

Bottom line: the Archbishop of Canterbury has not approved a primatial oversight scheme for the secessionist Diocese of South Carolina.


Conservatives must be running out of bogeymen!

It’s perhaps this success and good reputation that has bred envy and jealousy amongst its Christian neighbors in Fountain Hills. The pastors of these other eight churches have embarked on a six week sermon series. The series is called “Progressive” Christianity: FACT or FICTION. Each week, from their own pulpit, the pastors will address a question in an area where they obviously believe Progressive Christianity fails.


Editorial: Questions for the Bishop-Elect

From time to time we will publish letters from our readers responding to articles posted at the Cafe. In today’s letter John Chilton responds to our story on the episcopal election in the diocese of Dallas with an eye on previous elections in “conservative” dioceses with some thoughtful questions for those needing to give consent.