Former Trinity Chapel, recently an important gathering place for Serbian community in NYC, consumed by fire

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The Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava, in the Flatiron district, was home to a congregation of more than a…

Howard White.

“Trail of trauma” – another victim comes forward in St. George’s School case

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The Rev. “Howdy” White was fired by St. George’s Episcopal School in 1974 after a student came forward saying he had been raped by White on several occasions. The firing was not revealed until December of 2015. On Sunday the Providence Journal reported on a foster child of White’s is alleging he was raped.

CoE priest accuses the church of continued cover up

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The Rt Revd Peter Ball (83) was recently convicted of sexually abusing 18 teenaged boys & young men during his career in the CoE. He has been sentenced to 32 months imprisonment in OCT 2015. The Revd Graham Sawyer, the current vicar of St James, Briercliffe in Burnley, was one of the 18 victims of Peter Ball. He has recently taken the decision to withdraw from participation in the CoE inquiry of Bishop Ball.

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Bono (U2) and author Eugene Peterson (The Message) discuss The Psalms

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Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena CA has launched a website, Fuller Studio, as a resource for spiritual formation. One of the first resources available at Fuller Studio is an interview of Bono, lead musician for the band U2, and Dr. Eugene Peterson, pastor, scholar and author, as well as translator of the popular Bible paraphrase, The Message.


Female bishops & priests accorded embassy protocol at ACC – 16

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The Church of the Province of Central Africa does not ordain women nor allow them to exercise their episcopal or priestly ministry within its jurisdiction. However, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross acted as an “embassy” of the Anglican Consultative Council for that time. Within the confines of the cathedral, women could exercise their ordained ministry during the worship services of the gathering.

Kosovar refugees fleeing their homeland. [Blace area, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia]

Remembering our Responsibility to Protect

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April 24th is the anniversary of the Armenian genocide a century ago, and for the past decade, the date has been fixed on our church’s Calendar of Lesser Feasts and Fasts. Genocide Remembrance Day is a reminder of humankind’s continued capacity for evil on a massive scale. Our voice, and that of the church at large, is vital to the continued debate regarding the Responsibility to Protect because it is not only a legal norm, but also a moral one.