Presiding Bishop supports Pipeline Protestors

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As we join the people of Standing Rock, we also recognize that their stand is one that joins the fight for racial justice and reconciliation with climate justice and caring for God’s creation as a matter of stewardship.


Genesis, gender and justification

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“Children see that there is a difference in our language and in the way we dress. They see gender roles and gender expression. They perceive that we treat people differently, that we use different language for different people, and they ask, “Why?” Do you find it interesting that children have to ask why? That they aren’t born knowing why?”


…as you would have them do unto you

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The Lesbian couple had put up an LGBTQ Pride flag outside of their home for the first time immediately following the news of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando FL. They had lived in the Natick community of Boston MA for a number of years. However, earlier this month after having left their home for a vacation, they returned to disappointment and shock. Someone had stolen the Pride flag and had egged the front of their home.


Forget the theodicy when his own home is involved

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Last year when Hurricane Joaquin was barreling down on Washington DC, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said that the storm was God’s judgement on the city because the US Supreme Court had ruled in favor of marriage equality. This week he did not claim that God’s wrath was involved in the flooding and desruction in Louisiana. This time he stated that it was an opportunity for the Church.

(Back row) Val Brustad, Michael Soran, Ari Moore, Patrick Moore, Gideon Jennings, Karen Gusse (middle row): Annalise Jennings; (front sitting row): Sean Bean, Matthew Bean, Morgan Shannon, Jean Helmer and Dallas Shannon.

First an opera singer and now the rector

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Joyce Parry Moore completed an undergraduate degree in theater & voice and then recieved a graduate degree in opera performance. But as much as she enjoys the theater arts, she maintains that her true calling is the Church. The Revd Parry Moore is now the rector of St James Episcopal Church in Kent WA.