Ewan McGregor stars as 'Jesus' in the imagined chapter of Jesus' forty days of fasting and praying, LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT, a Broad Green Pictures release.
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Jesus role “daunting” says Ewan McGregor

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Starring as both Jesus and Lucifer in “Last Days in the Desert,” a film by Colombian director Rodrigo Garcia, Ewan McGregor was “a…

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Plaintiffs in landmark US marriage equality decision accuse the Archdiocese of Louisville of discrimination.

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Greg Bourke and Michael De Leon were two of the plaintiffs in Obergefell v. Hodges, the landmark case decided last year in the US Supreme Court, which ushered in marriage equality throughout the United States. Greg & Michael had recently submitted a design of a shared headstone for their joint plot in the St Michael Cemetery in Louisville KY. The Burke-De Leons were notified by the executive director for Catholic cemeteries in the Archdiocese of Louisville, Javier Fajardo, that the design could not be approved for placement in the cemetery.


The Irish Legal Times has jumped the gun about Scottish Piskies

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Yesterday we reported that the Irish Legal Times had announced that the Scottish Episcopal Church was on track to become the first UK church to allow same gender marriages. This isn’t true however, as the Unitarians, the Quakers and the Metropolitan Community Churches in the UK already allow marriage equality, although they are all smaller bodies than the Scottish Episcopal Church.


PBS interviews Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: six months on the job

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I suspect that my election was a moment of hope that we could begin to help the Episcopal Church and Episcopalians begin to focus outward in some new ways, outward in ways that actually share the message of Jesus of Nazareth, which is fundamentally a message of love of God and love of neighbor.