From the Daily Sip: Ambition

Vocation is something so different from ambition. Vocation is honest. It is a path while ambition is the bulldozer on the front end of a road to power.

2 FAB #27: Numbers 26 & 27

Luci and Jordan continue their feminist journey through the Bible with Jordan’s favorite story in Numbers (her favorite way to get poked in the eye?), the daughters of Zelophehad

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Remember your baptism!

During his annual visit to our church today, the bishop will baptize Evanna. She’s a tall, somewhat plump transgender woman around age twenty… Our church has one other trans member, my sixteen-year-old son, Max… This is a safe place, yet instinctively I watch people’s reactions toward LGBTQ people. I look out for Evanna as if she were my own child.

2FAB: Episode 25 Numbers 21

God and the Israelites continue their confounding relationship while wandering in the wilderness and Moses is getting fed up too. In this episode, Luci and Jordan peel back some of the layers to find out why.

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On “Jesus Movements”: Claiming our Way of Being Christian

In fact, part of what drew me back to active involvement in Church was the way I experienced, in one of my evangelical friends, a person who clearly lived into and took great joy in an ongoing, prayerful relationship with Jesus. Just being in her presence was transformative. We differed theologically on a lot of things but there was a core experience that attracted me


Going to church alone

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“I opened the church door. Inside, it was silent. Had I gotten the time wrong… I felt a pang of dismay as I hovered on the threshold, deciding whether to investigate further or just go home. Through the open door, I could smell the distinct fragrance that seems to emanate from every old church: incense, candles, flowers. I stepped inside.”