All of the Fun, None of the Work?

It’s the phrase I frequently hear from clergy when I tell them that I’m an Associate Rector. It’s the “truth-in-jest” description of associate clergy… But you know what? This joke represents a highly problematic and diseased vision of church leadership, and I both resent and reject it.

One Episcopalian’s journey

Then, in the village I now call home something awoke, a part of me was calling, the practice of my faith. On the highway outside of town was an Episcopal church. No, I thought, there’s nothing there for me. I’m done with religion and those empty promises of love, redemption. Still, it pulled. Hesitantly, I summoned courage and went.

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2FAB Lenten Special #4

We continue our reflective journey along the Way of the Cross with stations 7 and 8 (Jesus falls a second time and Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem)

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the Objective God

Again and again we find ourselves as subjects addressing God as an object, a separate being – one whom we seek, appeal to, and praise. We ask this divine being to respond, to have mercy, to grant, to forgive, to act, just as we would ask another person to do the same. “We” speak to a God who is not “us,” but something else, whether we think of God as the one in whom we live and move and have our being, or as something impossibly far away. In other words, we think dualistically.

From All Points: Living among the breakage

In this episode we’re looking at conversion and we welcome our first ever guest, Dr Duane Miller, to talk about his research and new book on Muslim conversions to Christianity; Living Among the Breakage: Contextual Theology-Making and ex-Muslim Christians.

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