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Speaking to the Soul: Time for Gratitude

Having once been required by the circumstances in my life to work in retail, I remember well the experience of Black Friday from a worker’s standpoint.

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Speaking to the Soul: the world is big enough

When I live my life in fear, I lose sight of how the small contributions of my life, when added to the contributions of others, can have a big impact. I forget that while my cause may not be your cause, they likely intersect in a way that makes each of our work more powerful. I forget that the world is wide enough for many roads to lead to the same goal.


Speaking to the Soul: Music

The three composers we celebrate today — Byrd, Merbecke, and Tallis — were all English composers who lived around the same period of time and who helped Anglican church music grow from plainchant and simple tunes more complex melodies and harmonies of psalms, anthems, and service music.


Speaking to the Soul: Thy Kingdom Come

God has the will and the power to make all things, especially the strange and unexpected things, work together for the good. He is the creator and ruler of the universe. And that counts for a whole lot more than a collection of regal stage props.

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