Speaking to the Soul: Knowing and Not Knowing

We can be comforted by the fact that God is still the one God, a God of integrity, not divided. God’s heart, mind, and lips are always on the same page even when ours aren’t.

Speaking to the Soul: Shelter and Shadow

God’s grace is abundant and steadfast; it calls to us to sink our roots deep and flourish, to spread like a palm tree or a cedar and claim our piece of sky, but also to share in the work of God to provide shelter and shade throughout creation.


Speaking to the Soul: Faithful Scholars

In the church I grew up in I was encouraged to not just learn rote scripture or memorize what a passage was ‘supposed to mean’ but to actively engage with the classic three-legged stool of episcopalian metaphor, and the teachers I had worked hard to engage us where we were. Ultimately, this reinforced my understanding that learning in general was a Good Thing.


Speaking to the Soul: The Jesus Franchise

The “Jesus franchise” belongs to Jesus alone… not to any person or institution, however exalted. In his infinite wisdom, God blesses us all in our diversity and in our unity. In this morning’s gospel, Christ has a final word for any of us who might find our brother or sister’s faith not exactly to our taste: Your life has been salted… flavored by the love of Christ.