Speaking to the Soul: Just tell us

But the Master’s voice is not speaking here. I know because I suddenly hear it, very faint, very far away. I have to stop all talking, all moving, even all thinking, and turn around. It’s coming from somewhere out there, out beyond the Jordan, in the uncivilized, unnamed places.


Speaking to the Soul: All we like crocuses

We are like crocuses in the brown flower beds. The children of God are something special. We are heirs, joint heirs with Christ, of God’s freedom and glory. Pushing our way into the light we bring to the world color that has never been seen before. We are meant for nothing less than setting the world free from its bondage to decay.

"So I want to give thanks to God without ceasing. He frequently forgave my lack of wisdom and my negligence, and more than once did not become very angry with me, the one who was meant to be his helper. I was not quick to accept what he showed me, and so the Spirit prompted me. The Lord was merciful to me a thousand thousand times, because he saw in me that I was ready, but that I did not know what I should do about the state of my life."

from the Confession of St Patrick