Speaking to the Soul: First and Last

He sat down, called the twelve, and said to them, ‘Whoever wants to be first must be last of all…


Speaking to the Soul: Stormy seas

The feeding of the multitude and Jesus’s path across the stormy seas are told as one story for a reason. On one side of the sea the multitude is fed and on the other side of the sea Jesus is revealed as one who transcends limits. In between is the sea filled with our confusion, our doubt, our insistence that we not be shaken too much in our understanding

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Speaking to the Soul: Could It Be?

Cleansing the heart by faith happens not through our effort but through God’s. The Holy Spirit moves within us, and we recognize that at the very center of our being is our true Beloved, is Christ. In relationship with him we willingly die so that our Love can live through us.


Speaking to the Soul: Learning from history

Eventually he would write a book, A Brief Description of the Destruction of the Indies, describing the activities and tortures the natives had experienced at the hands of the Spanish. He wanted to create towns where natives and Spaniards could live side-by-side and with equality for both as a form of reparation.

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Speaking to the Soul: Identity

The life of Saint Alexis of Rome invites us to examine identity in a new way. What do we identify with? How do we identify others? Is it by social status? Race? Gender? Or, might we learn to see beyond those things and realize that the beggar and the prince are the same?