Speaking to the Soul: Independence Day

Be patient? How long must people be patient for there to be equality, justice, and an ability, no, a right to be all that they can be?


Speaking to the Soul: chasing donkeys

Although very few of us have actually gone out to chase cantankerous wayward donkeys, what they represent is a common occurrence in life–that whole business of thinking our focus is on a specific task in life–yet, in the end, something else happens, and it turns out that what ultimately happened was actually the true focus in the story.


Speaking to the Soul: Never Give Up

How many times have we given things up for dead? How many good intentions have we failed to act on? How many relationships have we neglected? How many chances to forgive have we ignored? How many chances to ask forgiveness have we let slide? How many calls for help have we ignored? How many opportunities to witness Christ’s love have we passed up?