The Lead

Begun in church, ended in court. Where is the Church for the divorcing?

A Presbyterian asks Roman Catholics a questions that should be asked of all denominations: how well does the Church care for divorced (and divorcing) persons?


Two young Episcopalians work among refugees who find support at The Episcopal Church's St. Paul's Within the Walls in Rome.

Daily Episcopalian

A Parish Crisis: Reflections and Lessons Learned

My initial thought is that it truly axiomatic that you can never be prepared for a situation like this. Crises, by definition, are almost always unexpected. But it wasn't so much the fact that the situation was a crisis; it was instead the extraordinary and unexpected level of pain and fear that came with the tragic news.

Speaking to the Soul

Saints and saints

2 Esdras 2:42-47 Last year I was delighted to teach a session of the adult formation dealing with hagiology, the study of the saints and their writings. I had a passing acquaintance with the major saints like Peter, Paul, Mary...
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